2019 Annual Owners Meeting


Thank you, everyone, who attended the CCCEOA annual members meeting this afternoon.  There was an exceptional turnout and we are excited to jump into 2019.

A recap of the meeting:

  • State Representative Reid Falconer discussed some issues he’s been involved with at the capitol:
    • Drainage project in Riverwood (this will help our drainage)
    • Highway 22 expansion project from 190 to Marina Beau Chene begging in February
  • Parish Councilman Mike Lorino discussed:
    • Moratorium on new developments from the Tchefuncte River to the Tangipahoa parish line to give time for an impact study
    • A Venue Ordinance to prohibit certain types of business parties from happening in residential neighborhoods
    • A short-term rental ordinance that is in its infancy
    • Potholes in the neighborhood that they are working to patch
  • Representatives of Sewer District #1 shared:
    • Department of Environmental Quality has mandated that they make improvements to our system
    • Some pipes will be replaced beginning in the Spring
    • They have a vacant board seat and meet on the 1st Thursday of each month
    • Have to install additional treatment plant (looking at servitude near Bertel and Golfers)
  • Brent Cordell from Water District 3 discussed:
    • Old wells have been shut off and new wells are supplying the old lines
    • They are trying to move forward with connecting homes on Tchefuncte, Bertel, and Country Club to the main lines that feed the fire hydrants
    • The boil water advisories are mandated by the La DHH but do not themselves serve as an indication that there is something wrong with the water
    • Hold harmless agreements are being resent with additional language stating that negligence is not included in the hold harmless
    • New service connections will have an internal diameter pipe equal or greater to the existing line and this work is expected to be completed in the Fall
  • The Board presented:
    • 38% membership participation
    • 3 new board members have stepped up to fill Communications, Social and, Zoning and Parish affairs vacancies
    • 4 Vacancies still exist in the President, Architectural Review, Streets and Utilities, and Welcome Committee

2 thoughts on “2019 Annual Owners Meeting

  1. Thank you for posting the board meeting recap. We were unable to attend.

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  2. Thanks so much Paul! This is truly a breath of fresh air having you on the board!

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